To send pictures to print. Personalising the Kiosk Main Screensaver: If the option is checked the box below can be edited. Where do you have your pictures? Amount of money in the hoppers when the balance starts. Press the Refresh button to get a preview and press the Print button to print a sample ticket.

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Configure its name and percentage Check Prepayment Discount to offer special prices to customers using the prepayment card NOTE The final price is not itemised with the tax.

The services offered from the DPS Server are: It is used when the operator password validation is selected as the payment mode and for granting access to the operator cp9500dw-ss. The operation will be carried out free of charge and will be registered as an operator transaction.

Mitsubishi CPDW Printer (CPDW) – FotoClub Inc

If the service has been configured correctly it will prompt the user to provide the necessary data for the subsequent delivery. Name of Service Description In the [General] section of the pc9500dw-s document, you should change the following parameters: Lines containing the status column with a zero value mean the kiosk is up and running, whereas values other than zero imply that the device is not working properly.


This action will reset all the values to start a new balance period. Application or device is working properly. Operator Manual 3 Remote Service Setup The frame shows a list of the remote services provided by the Kiosk to the web end users.

Most commonly used format for standard prints This screen will appear cp9500dws the prepayment card has not been inserted at the beginning of the transaction. The application or device is not ready due to start-up jobs March – v2. If any box is checked, a set price will be applied regardless of the number of copies.

Mitsubishi CP9500DW Digital Photo Thermal Printer

There are two kinds of backup: After installing the update DPS Monitor permits a system reboot or can rerun all applications. Select View Album 2. Updates from a CD.

Check the example below to see sample values. Problems with the consumables Kit.

Mitsubishi Electric CPDW-S Manuals

Check or uncheck if you do not want that the applications to run next time the system boots. An activity is the set of actions carried out by cp9500ds-s user locally on a Kiosk from when the customer starts to interact with the device until the billing process is finished.


Decoration Enables Calendars and Frames decoration service. DPSPhoto application has the following dependent modules: Through this interface, the supervisor can administer the Kiosk general settings, check statistics and manage operator cards.

Return change for any of the accepted coins and notes. As a summary, this rule will be always true for all requests: After the selection of the data source, the next step is service selection.

It works as a bitmap carousel. Amount of money currently inside the hoppers that can be used to return change to the customers. When a picture is selected the first copy is added automatically. Kiosk cp950d0w-s Administrator Information: Used in case of prepayment cards. It maintains the 4: No se encuentra el origen de la referencia.