They were meant for heavy loads. I found what said about fording deep waters with a military Chevy Blazer very interesting, especially since I did just that in the service. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What a great story, did your passenger have to swim after all? It was made to span a pick up bed and a boot between. In stock form the M was capable of 21 miles per gallon fuel economy with it’s 27 gallon tank giving it the greatest endurance of any CUCV.

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It may be that there is a sports car hidden in that big SUV frame ;- Thanks for the read and the compliment. So those Jeeps are outlawed here because they can be used as assault vehicles? Here is a link if you want to see it – there are a lot of pictures so don’t feel obligated to look through them all: Torqueflite 3-speed automatic.

What have ya all done to your M?

It grates on my nerves that this article is the first thing you see when searching CUCV and the title is blatantly wrong. Retrieved blaezr ” https: Being a big 93 magnum ramcharger fan I like the shape and the french fry oil for free thing is also very cool I would still prefer mopar but I live in the rust belt and I would be glad to cruise any decent 2 door 4×4 suv like thease I am deeply disturbed that all our decent mens off road suvs have turned into wimpy ass 4 door grocery store and soccer field rats looks like a good woods truck if I could find one in my area I would blazsr hunt and fish the heck blqzer of it.


Check out the links and Ebay for an M It is hlazer what some guy thinks nlazer is worth and right now these square bodied Chevys command absurdly unrealistic prices for what they are. Mine is a smooth running cruiser and if it weren’t for the dent in the front and the fading woody siding, it would be the most beautiful car in my eyes.

I have a great old station wagon I absolutely love, but want to sell and can’t because of the sentimental value. If you get one, I hope you come back and let me know how it goes.

The M1009 CUCV – A Manly, Eco-Conscious, Military Rejected Survivalist’s Dream Vehicle

What is a M? A so called 4×4 with 1 legged axles better buy a winch and mud boots cuz if they get out much they’ll need them both [ask me how I know] ever since I went to the 44s my winch is mostly for looks but I have had to get out and un-spool blzaer winch with all four wheels digging graves. It was a a total blast, but I wouldn’t recommend trying this with your own vehicle: Despite its ordinary K5 Blazer heritage, you just can’t ignore the standard rifle rack.

I guess those 6.

Replace the harmonic balancer as soon as you get the truck. I have put 37, miles on it.


What have ya all done to your M? I’ll let you know if I get some cool stuff from there. You’re right, there’s enough info to write another m0109. Boy oh boy would I love to have one of these bad boys. Often, they can be found with extremely low miles. The is way quieter inside than the M Make sure it’s the M not the M Like many of the vehicle parts, blazee windshieldcabin glassand body panels are civilian-grade and offer no protection from firearms or explosives.

Great that you found one you can live with. Monstrous offroad capabilities but loads more maneuverable than my m35a2’s ever were. Can anyone confirm this?

Yes, the M is geared really low and it won’t go over 65mph. A Tactical MV m10099 of “. Thanks for the link, that one worked. There are some that have even less than 50K miles! It would be great to just get in one filled with supplies and just take off! By now you’re burning with curiosity – what is a M exactly? The landing craft couldn’t get any closer then about yards to the island because of the tides and water depth.