Scanner produces blank pages Replace the controller card. Display is not lit. Check the Prefix setting. Scan Troubleshooting Printers and Faxes or Printers. Enter text from picture: A trailing edge was seen at the input sensor.

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Follow the instructions on the screen. Disconnect the scxn cable from J15 on the controller card. Lexmark may use or distribute any of the information you supply in any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to you. Paper pick tires Check the tires in the ACM assembly for signs of wear or damage. If the problem continues, replace the controller card.


Do not discard the pins. Scanner not performing multipage scans The WIA driver cannot multipage scan by default. Software will not install. Fuser service check When toner is partially fused to the paper, it is usually caused by low fuser temperature. Release x340/x340n/z342n latch B on the front of the lower right side cover.

Lexmark X and Xn MFP XXX Service Manual |

Before loading transparencies, fan the stack to prevent sheets from sticking together. Unplug the product before you begin, or use caution if the product must receive power in order to perform the task. Entering characters To enter a name for a fax job or the station ID, use the alphanumeric keypad. Lsxmark information XXX Developer drive coupling assembly removal 1. Do not push the paper guides far enough to cause the materials to warp. x340x/340n/x342n


Remove the two inner screws that secure the ADF to the flatbed cover. If this does not correct the problem, replace the following FRUs one at a time in the order shown: Make sure the MFP is connected to an active, analog telephone line.

Lexmark-x340-x340n-x342n/Drivers/Scan/Vegas.inf Driver File Contents (Lexmark-x340-x340n-x342n.zip)

Pin 2 should be ground. If the message is displayed after the paper is removed, the MPF sensor or controller card might be faulty. Rotate the power supply assembly so the remaining cables can be removed. The Reports menu is displayed. Never mix media types within a tray. To clear the menu defaults, do the following. To remove the toner x340/x340n/x432n Verify the cable is captured and out of the paper path.

Printer registration must be set after replacing the printhead. The new count is saved, and the display returns to the selected Fax Usage sub menu item.

Remove the ADF pick roll. The flag should be spring loaded against the leading edge of an advancing sheet. The following sequence is used for all Page Count sub-menu settings.


To print a T30 log perform the following steps: Use your left hand to hold the fuser link at the cover joint while rotating the right x340/z340n/x342n of the cover slightly away from the MFP to disengage the link. Fax quality low, erratic performance Update firmware to build Check pin 1 on the network daughtercard for 5V.

Check the sensor cable to J10 on the controller card.