By Max Power on 3 February, – 1: If not you may have a problem. By Gaurav on 2 February, – 8: The counter will range from 0 up to a a few million. If you are using the standard Wonderware Modicon driver then address the volumetric flow rate in floating point by entering F as the item name. Is this due to non-availability of standard in Modbus for Floating point data? Linking linking it with the tag we need.

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Accessing data in Wonderware using Modbus

After installing the license, it is desirable to reboot. If not, then you will need a converter that can reverse the data for you.

All of these must be installed in the ArchestrA License Manager. Modubs to the Modbus Community, about the world’s leading automation protocol. It modbux required to repeatedly request and update license files.

This article offers those who master the classic InTouch R14, a step-by-step instruction on setting up communication with devices using the Modbus TCP protocol.

I experimented a bit with disabling the drivers manually.

ijtouch By Max Power on 3 February, – 1: This is certainly not suitable for the work of the industry. Use the same address but instead of If you are looking at something else, the DAServer allows different suffixes to be added to the item name to indicate the type of data point, this is necessary so that the DAServer knows how to correctly interpret the data.


Using IOServer with Wonderware Intouch

When looking at InTouch, the data only goes up to Note that common words and, that, etc. Here we form a common list of tags that will exchange data with the PLC Mobus describes the signs that we can specify for correct data retrieval 5.

You have to convert the floating point to interger and then back to floating point. If it is InTouch’s tagname, just restart WindowViewer.

It looks like this: The Micromotion Modbus manual indicates floats as registers. By intoich the DAServer lets you address by the register number ex: You have clicked on the “? Please read those terms and conditions carefully. If neither of above will handle this then you need to introduce a device that will do conversion.

Trying to read a counter value from the PLC. We disable the Modbus Pool, we do not need the port to be busy at the beginning of the connection. Indication of parameters on video frame We go in WindowMaker Create an Access Name that will be associated with our topic and server Next, create the required number of tags associated with the Access Name Next on the video frame create a dynamic text Linking linking it with the tag we need 6.


InTouch SMC Modbus

Detailed configuration instructions in the video: By Benoit Galarneau on 3 February, – Your subscription request is being processed. The absence of a license or an incorrectly installed license may be the cause of the lack of communication.

I will look for how to implement otherwise, for example, the replacement of values by the signs of the lattice. We have checked the addressing but still the problem is not solved. Some perform the word swap, but how to do it is not always obvious.

The tag is a IO Real. Not sure what you can inotuch in the Micromotion flowmeter but basically you need to convert floating to interger split interger into two words. Help describes the signs that we can specify for correct data retrieval 5.

It has been a while since I have worked with Wonderware but you should be abel to handle this with script.