Message 4 of Any help is appreciated. I don’t know what you are doing with it and I don’t know if you will have any delay between changes. Some instruments had defects in the command set. Can I hp a labview a waveform captured by my oscilloscope into a Keysight arbitrary waveform generator?

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OpenDocument ] I tried the hpa Initialise with Options.

So it is definitely the cause of it. Thanks for the input. The following figure shows hp a labview palette and some of the VIs and subpalettes that are hp a labview with it.


It includes a Visual Basic include file. I opened the Configure Labviea Waveform block and this is what it looks like: Instrument Driver Organization Once an instrument driver has been downloaded, the instrument driver VIs will be located on the Instrument Drivers palette. I narrowed the problem down to the the init function of hpA. If you do not have ftp or web access, the driver can be obtained or by calling HP On-line Support at The driver gives the user the option of doing one, both, or none.


Message 8 of Message 3 of Message 5 of 7. The Keysight A has three forms of audible feedback. After the instrument has been configured, the Read VI is used to read multiple points. Message 2 of 7.

HPA Improper waveform output when controll | Keysight Community

If someone has access to the dll source code, could you please list the init function? Error which is defined to be “Undefined header A command was received that is not valid for the function generator. All functions of the hpA. Most function generators have a built-in dc offset that can be added to any waveform. If it helps further, I highlighted the execution of the hpA.

Agilent 33120A VXIplug&play Instrument Driver Read Me

Some instruments had defects in the command set. The Hp a labview VI- terminates the software connection to the instrument and frees system resources.

You will need to rewrite this part of the driver keep it in your project library and leave the actual driver alone if this lagview how it works. You can easily over-run the parser. If someone has access to the dll source code, could you please list the init function?


My driver used SYST: After doing this, the IVI drivers HPa did not turn off the output before decreasing the voltage. Message 7 of 7. For Windows NT, change references to win95 to winnt. This tool searches IDNet to find the specified instrument driver.

HP33120A Improper waveform output when controlling remotely

The only exceptions are that it does not have a soft front panel or a knowledge base file. Message 4 of I don’t remember about theso I can’t guarentee that the long form works.

If someone has access to the dll source code, could you please list the init function? It might be a useful debugging tool. This is what I wanted.