Did you spill water on the keyboard or LCD screen? Take a look here: You can use arctic silver for the CPU though. If that means not activating the video camera that is okay. If both adapter appear in the device manager but not in the network connections, this could be software related problem. Do the towel trick work in this case??

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One note, the way kept track of which screws went where was to use a muffin tin pan and took little videos with my phone with little notes. I have an HP Pavilion dv, among several problems like my battery not working from the first day, to my screen having 6 or so lines that always show one color. No sound in Windows http: Woke up this morning and still got the blue light but laptop is D E A D. I have discovered that my Laptop has no Sound, Video and Game controllers, just has system speakers.

Has the dreaded “no audio I have an HP dv laptop with a broken screen. Do you have sound via the speakers or headphones? Here are some things I have learned that may or may not be of use to you. Do you know which driver that is and where I can find it? I recently replaced the keyboard on my laptop HP Pavilion DVse and in the process somehow managed to damage the power button cable.


I checked all caples in the steps above and everything looks fine.

No audio device installed HP Pavilion dv [Solved]

What kind of Nutdriver should I look for? I guess pavolion nothing else under sound in Dev Mgr other than the Broadcom. I have tried installing the drivers and whilst this has worked twice they have dissappeard when restarting my laptop.

My son and I just finished replacing the CPU fan with great results…. Take a look at the step 9.

I need help please! HP Pavilion dv no sound – Archive – InsanelyMac Forum

Do I need to follow every step in the disassembly, or do I only need to go to a certain step? Do you think it is a problem in motherboard or in power connector as shown in step When I put it all back vard and turned it on, the display would not power up…and the system seems to be powering up but all processing stops withing the first 3 seconds as the hard disk light stops blinking. Say “Thank you” 24 A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

Now, when the power button cover separated from the top cover, you can remove the keyboard as it shown on the picture below.


Hi, Have you made any changes to the computer prior to the issue? Take a look at this guide: The audio chip built into the motherboard.

Could be bad connection between the webcam module and cable. Log in or Sign up. The Audio mentioned seems to be Realtek. Did I royally screw this laptop up by switching those wires and plugging in the adapter?

Take a closer look at all connectors before disconnecting them. Do you have any idea how i solve this problem?

HP Pavilion dv6500 laptop sound card drivers

Do I have to buy the top cover only as shown at step 18? Imran Chand Replied on December 11, Vard you accidentally removed some tiny component while cleaning the motherboard?

Sometimes though, they all 3 have spiked up to near My DV just died one day, I was left with a notebook that would flash lights for one second and then power off.

New thermal pads for HP Pavilion dv laptops available here on eBay.