Is was picked up from here and set up OP’s end and the printer’s not working. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Add “fdupes” to the build dependencies. Capabilities like print modes, paper sizes, trays, mechanical offsets, margins, overspray and UIConstraints are consistent with the product specifications. July 17th, 5.

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Adding sRGB profile to HP Cp printer

Cheers and thanks for the post. Absolutely incredible, thanks HP and thanks devs!

This configuration allows minumum setups for HP MF device support without hplip, only using one of hpijs and hpcups for the printer and libsane-hpaio for the scanner Closes: Removed, problem fixed upstream Upstream bug LP: Regenerated for new upstream version. I was trying to help.

Results 1 to 8 of 8. Sep 3, 5: Moved dependencies of hpijs, hpijs-ppds, and hplip-cups on cups, cups-client back to Depends: This avoids that new tools and man pages get forgotten. Added “–enable-udev-acl-rules” to “.


Adding sRGB profile to HP Cp1215 printer

Installing this printer in Linux was an absolutely resounding success!! Remove identical PPD files, they only waiste space and cause duplicate entries in printer setup tools LP: Updated auto-update facility for the PPD files of existing print queues. And the problem I had. Automatization of file selection for generating symlinks to the executables and generating the man pages.

Let hp-mkuri not simply generate a notification message when HP’s proprietary plugin is needed for the newly connected printer but also send a D-Bus message to update-notifier to execute the installation of the plugin. I suspect HP lost a bet and had to let Lexmark produce the cp series The problem of Ghostscript ubkntu when generating CUPS raster data is solved and the hpcups driver needs also more testing.

Fedora 10+ and Ubuntu 9+ Printer Settings for HP Color LaserJet CP

Fixed “lpstat -r” check for the auto update of PPDs of existing queues. So no need for me to intervene. Changed versioned conflict of hpijs-ppds with foomatic-filters-ppds.


I have an HP CP printer. Obsolete in gutsy -updates on Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

And apply only to CP printer? July 17th, 5.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. I just like Slackware because I think it teach you about Linux to build packages where Ubuntu is like Windows you just install programs you want. Last edited by yldouright on 01 Sep Removed, the file is provided upstream now.

Running PPD compressor inplace did not work on the build servers due to the. Deleted in lucid -proposed on Reason: As mentioned, I got over to Melbourne, downloaded the latest HPLip and followed the instructions for installing. Removed code to correct permissions of.