That would sound like success, except for of course, this didn’t enable ANY of the new functionality I was looking for; it merely did what I’d always had by default with the auto-detection and no synaptic driver loaded. Things that don’t work Fingerprint reader Potentially anything I didn’t test Battery life is okay, but could be better. Support udev for autoconfiguration of input devives. And one does not even have to disable CorePointer as pkg-message suggests. And the Synaptics driver stopped supporting guest devices in Forcing protocol “psm” made it work for me.

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Configure tear-free for the intel graphics driver This enables tearfree for the intel graphics driver: And one does not even have to disable CorePointer as pkg-message suggests.

Or even worse, touchpad works some time and then stop working.

Well, it works, sure. You can download my full dwm configuration directly from here.

Also, a patch must be applied to xfinput-mouse to handle horizontal scrolling from sysmouse. Install the following list of X related packages we install xfvideo-intel, as modesetting seems to have toucchpad a lot of tearing issues:.

Synaptics Touchpad The Synaptics Touchpad is a pointing device, found on many laptops for instance. On Mon, at Also, libinput is better than evdev in Xorg. Tap-hold detection with one, two, or three fingers. In reply to this post by Martin Cracauer On Mon, at It’s all very odd. Sound Sound works out of the box, you might want to ajust hw.


Synaptics in FreeBSD

VAAPI video output and hardware accelerated decoding works. All work is based on a head ports tree from about Dec 18, But there are at least three ways of using them, none of which is perfect.

But after that touchpad still works. What I really toucchpad was horizontal scrolling at the bottom of the pad, and click-lock so you could take your finger off the pad and keep the “button” clicked and drag around like in windows.

And SSHing into the laptop. This is to prevent unwanted scrolling when tapping for instance.

FreeBSD on the ThinkPad X / logy

These additional packages are required for the configuration of dwm below, which brings in useful features like locking and compton to improve video playback. The configuration below syaptics sure that the keyboard uses evdev xkbrules and makes the touchpad use two button mode and disable turning it off while typing:.

Some stuff, like configuring the scroll area, enabling horizontal scrolling, and touch-tap-lock, don’t work by default, and are nice, so I tried your recommendations.


Toggling Synaptics Touchpad with devd Symaptics there is some palm detection support for synaptics touchpadsit is sometimes desirable disable the touchpad if a USB mouse is plugged in. Here’s what to do: In reply to this post by Vladimir B.

Synaptics in FreeBSD

Install and enable drm-next-kmod To install and enable drm-next-kmod, do: Things that work Basically everything I care about: Grebenschikov On Wed, at Fix a problem with VT switching without using xfinput-keyboard – this is quite important, as otherwise anything you type will be echoed on the console and some bizarre things can happen.

Configure input devices for X. Obviously, more hours without Firefox: Movements inside these larger margins will be smoothed using different max weight and divisor.

But only cursor movement. There’s a new drm-next in the graphics team’s fork though, and it brings Skylake support, Wayland….