Duplexer – Auto duplexer assembly – provides double sided printing capability. Spring – Paper catch spring – Provides tension for length adjustment. Gear Main – Paper pickup drive assembly – gear assembly located on right side of paper pickup assembly. Door Rear – Rear cleanout door assembly – rear paper jam clean out door assembly. Arm – Lever arm – Provides linkage between the pivot assembly and the pressure plate lifter. Speaker – Speaker assembly – includes speaker cable.

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Clamp – Belt attachment – Anchors drive belt to carriage. Arm Tension – Tension arm – maintains tension on carriage belt.

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Roller Exit – Paper exit rollers – out put assembly. Spring – Pivot spring – Provides tension for the pivot. Spring – Width spring – Provides friction for paper width adjuster. Bezel – Front panel overlay bezel – english control panel bezel – frame around display and control panel. Spring – Lever arm spring – Provides tension between the lever arm and the pressure plate lifter.

Pad – Blotter pad – Absorbs excess ink and debris. Power Cord – Power cord Flint Gray – 2. Bracket Right – Right bracket – carriage rod adjustment bracket right.


Insulator – Power supply insulator – Insulates power supply from chassis. Spitton – Spittoon base deskjft the bottom and main housing of the service station assembly – holds any residual ink from the print cartridge cleaning process. Cable USB – This interface cable is the standard 2.

Carriage Assembly – Ink cartridge carriage assembly – includes carriage, felt, felt retainers, ink cartridge latches, trailing cable, pc board, belt attachment hardware, and slider. Actuator – Door actuator – Actuates access door open switch. Sensor Out – OOPS sensor – out of paper sensor – detects the presence of the paper in the printer tray. Encoder Disk – Disk encoder – helps to provide position information of the paper.

Turnaround Assembly – Turnaround assembly – Holds belt tension components in place. Spring – Kicker spring – Provides tension for the kicker. Arm Delivery – Paper sensing arm – for ‘paper out’ or delivering paper sensing arm. Spring – Separator spring – Provides pressure between the separator assembly and the center drive roller.

Spring – Preloader spring – Provides tension for the preloader bearing arm. Idler – Carriage belt idler wheel assembly – Includes: Gear Station – Gears on shaft of spittoon desskjet. Carriage Latch – A-arm latch – retains latch over the printheads on the carriage. Deflector – Pritner deflector – guides paper out of dispose assembly – through the internal paper path cover.


Spring Compression – Compression spring – on pulley wedge, for carriage belt tension. Preloader – Carriage pre-loader – Holds the carriage against the carriage rod.

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Absorber – Blotter absorber assembly – Includes frame and blotter pads. Carriage Motor – Carriage motor moves the carriage unit side to side.

Spring – Paper catch spring – Provides tension for length adjustment. Base – Base assembly – Bottom of printer – Includes rubber feet. Paper – Greeting card paper pack Ivory, Matte – A size 8.

Support – Chimney wall – Wall support of spittoon. Kicker – Kicker – Restacks the paper in the paper input tray after the top sheet is 855d.

PC Board DC – Internal power supply board – power cable ptinter on this assembly, remove covers to install pc board. Arm Pick Up – Paper detection arm – for registration plate on picking up paper.