Its good build quality and good configuration options allow it to be an excellent and versatile machine for many different applications. What do you get when you strip a Dell Inspiron laptop of its colors, remove all the trial software, and add a full range of support services for small businesses? There is no evidence of possible deflections of the keyboard when in use. While the 3DMark benchmarks below look reasonably impressive, it is important to keep in mind that the standard Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X Intel chipset will perform much worse. More on this in a moment. In terms of the good equipment the low top side temperatures is to be mentioned very positively.

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Speakers, multimedia buttons, IR port, and screen latch.

This does not really work for the Dell Vostro, as is the case with the Inspiron, but more about this later. The keys have minimal travel with excellent cushion and response, and there are dedicated keys for home, end, page up, and page down. The software on the Vostro is surprisingly free of bloatware, as is advertised on ifrewire Dell website. However, the 150 itself is relatively easy to twist, and squeaks when twisted.

Having run single-core processors up until this computer, the difference is amazing.

Review Dell Vostro 1500 laptop

I have a dell like this. Dell homepage Dell notebook section. Also on the front is the infrared window receive only.


I was disappointed, as I was with the Inspironwith the Express Card release button.

While the system manages to keep itself cool enough to deol operating, it can get almost uncomfortable to leave this computer on your lap while playing games or running processor-heavy applications. Dell DC Jack Repair. This leads to a maximum contrast of only As can be expected of most laptops in this price range, the speakers are nothing spectacular.

Not good in our opinion The areas near both the memory and hard drive left palm rest did feel warm during benchmarking, but temperatures remained comfortable enough to keep the on the lap. The keys have a relative short but 100 stroke with a noticeable pressure point. I also dislike the hot pink color the battery light turns when the battery reaches a low level. Especially the bright and dim display is perfectly suited for such work.

If you intend to use it solely for less hard drive-intensive applications, the RPM drive will be fine. Everything about the Vostro is reminiscent del, the Inspiron line, with the exception of the black-clad frame. The purchase date is the date your credit card was charged. This area would also be highly sufficient for the alternatively available M GS graphics card.

We could also get a similar result in the horror shooter F. With regard to multiplayer games, a reduction of the resolution down to xpx brought a noticeable speed boost. Especially the use of high-quality components such as the aluminium case makes the Vostro very durable.


Refurbished Dell OEM Vostro Circuit Boards FD

Whether business or gaming, wherever the Dell Vostro really belongs could not even be totally clarified in our tests. While it does get hot, this computer never gets noisy.

The touchpad is not as good as the keyboard. While the Inspiron provides various colourful displays matching to the base unit, the Vostro tries to underline its business position throughout a striking IBM black.

Dell Vostro 1500 T7250

Horizontal and vertical viewing angles were good enough for two or three people to watch a DVD on the screen. But is this “black beauty” a thoroughbred, or is it destined for the pastures?

Invaild Dell Service Tag, check your entry and try again. Nevertheless, the luminosity was not able to convince us so did the perspective stability in which the contrasts below average contributed negatively. However, the user needs take care that the bottom side of the laptop is xell completely covered since the numerous ventilation cracks need contact steady to air and, therefore, it is less recommended to put the notebook on soft grounds like vostrro.

I often keep the system on overnight because I can hear no difference between having it on and having it off.