Please visit your preferred Hyundai dealer for assistance with Blue Link enrollment. As a courtesy, you will receive a timely reminder before your credit card is charged with the current Blue Link subscription rate. Once the car was returned to Hyundai corporate in another county, I continually received alert messages. Starting your Hyundai’s engine, warming or cooling the cabin and turning on the defroster is as easy as a few taps in the app or saying “Alexa, start my car and set the temperature to 75 degrees. Remote Start from my cell, super siked!

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As everything else on the app works but Remote start.

In order for you to use a Blue Link app, you must already have Hyundai Blue Link services which comes with the vehicle free for a trial period blueink details below.

What Hyundai vehicles are equipped with Blue Link? An active Blue Link subscription is required to use Blue Link features in the app.

Hyundai Blue Link

Call Center agents are standing by days, 24 hours a day to summon help or provide emergency assistance. Additional costs may apply to exchanges for a vehicle of greater value. Contact Us Advertise Hyundai Forums: You also have to be a paid Blue Link subscriber for the service. The Blue Link Customer Care agent will need a report number to help police find the location the vehicle. Blue Link launched on the Sonata and is currently available on most and newer Hyundai models.


How does Stolen Vehicle Recovery work with local police to wii my vehicle? I’ve gotten it to work on wifi or cell.

Wi-Fi FAQ | BlueLink

A three-month trial for Connected Care, Remote and Guidance is available when you enroll credit card required. The new Chevy Malibu and newer has teen training and monitoring included. Remote Start from my cell, super siked! To give you peace of mind, you can run a full vehicle diagnostic check directly from your Hyundai’s touchscreen.

Connect with your car like never before with Hyundai Blue Link.®

What smartphones are compatible with Blue Link? Does the BlueLink app use Wifi or just the cell data connection? How far away can I mount a wireless remote sensor? Once your vehicle is located, local authorities will be dispatched to the scene and if still in motion, the agent will trigger a series of remote commands to ensure the vehicle comes to a complete stop and the engine becomes immobilized to ensure your vehicle is recovered safely.

BlueLink app.. wifi or cell? – Hyundai Forums : Hyundai Forum

If you change your Wi-Fi router password, you will also need to clear the Wi-Fi settings in the thermostat and then update those Wi-Fi settings in the app.

You’ll just need your vehicle VIN vehicle identification number located on the driver’s side dashboard and a credit card. For technical assistance contact: There is also a chance that the model is not remote start compatible depending on the exact trim level and the date of manufacture. The only time I have a problem is if I walk out of a wifi area and its switching to 4g when I’m using the app it seems to throw it off and I have to start over.


It is recommended to try pairing the remote sensor in the desired location before mounting it. Not available on all models.

I talked to one woman Melissa that was great, I actually bluelino I would have got one of the others that Intalked to in prior calls. Do you not waste your money. Three-year term starts from wifj new vehicle date-of-first-use and is available for new model year vehicle purchases and leases as well as transferrable to subsequent owners subject to the Terms and Conditions. If the returned vehicle meets all of these requirements, the customer may exchange it for another new Hyundai vehicle, subject to the mutual agreement of the customer and dealer on the terms of the new vehicle purchase or lease.

Your device performance will vary depending on operating software, service carrier and any user modifications i. A survey conducted by the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University revealed that parents want connected car controls. The BL folks seem to be totally unable to troubleshoot effectively. You can also set up notifications according to time in Curfew Alert and set speed limits in Speed Alert.