Page 32 Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual display. Pixel Translations Technical Support can be reached at support pixtran. If there is no risk of losing such important information, please follow the procedure below: Users can do this by setting not one but two Auto Color Detect aggressiveness thresholds through the VRS interface on the PC to determine if a document is color or bitonal. Also See for Copiscan Spectrum Parts manual – 24 pages. As you know, this isn’t a new problem, but there’s no specific solutions and fixes, sometimes even restarting fixed, sometimes cleaning, sometimes, replacing the belts or rollers etc..

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Documents are delivered to the stacking surface on the exit tray, while the scanner maintains the original document feed sequence. To resolve this issue: Routine cleaning of your Spectrum scanner is the best way to prevent unnecessary service calls, reduce consumables costs and prevent jamming and multi-feeds. From there you can select several ways of handling errors. Set Hole Size The entry and exit sensors on your scanner can be adjusted to ignore holes on the leading or trailing edge of a document, like three-hole punches, that may cause the scanner to detect false starting or trailing edges of the document.

The sheet will be pulled through the scanner.

The top ultrasonic sensor emits an ultrasonic wave through the document. Page 83 Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual 6.


Operation Before you begin to scan documents, there are some functions of the scanner you should know. The side guides should be adjusted for the width of the documents being scanned.

Copiscan 8000 Spectrum

To select doc prep, follow the directions below. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

VirtualReScan VRS is a combination of hardware howekl software used for image enhancement and for scanner operators to quickly and easily handle things like multifeeds and jams.

Any oral statement or representation by any representative of Bentley’s, changing or supplementing the flyer or catalog or any condition thereof, is unauthorized and shall confer no right upon the bidder or purchaser. Refer to Section 6. Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual There are three main types of operator interface menus on the scanner, including the home menu, user menus, and maintenance menus.

Removing the Glass Flat 3. Not finding what you are looking for? Stapled papers even after removing the pins are held together at the point where the pin was! To utilize Color Background Dropout, users just copicsan to select “White” as their color copiiscan through the VRS interface rather than saturated or Smooth.

Bell & Howell (Kodak) CopiScan SCSI TO Video Conversion Kit

As a precaution measure, we need to keep the paper dry or it’s sometimes important to dry on the oven or using blower. The Separator roller sleeve is rated to last six months, assuming 6, pages per day. The two greatest influences, however, have little to do with the scanner’s rated speed.


Depending on use, it may be necessary to clean the glass flat more frequently. The imprinter may interfere with the side access door. Turn off the scanner. Show More Show Less. The sticky sheets used to clean the transport rollers will keep the roller in fairly good condition.

We recommend that you change the VRS default brightness setting if you are scanning white bond paper in color and would like all of your images to retain a bright uniform white, also known as “saturated white”, instead of what may appear to be an off-white or a light gray. Make sure the imprinter is located in the proper position and that the document is wide enough to be imprinted. Skip over these files, as they may not be part of VRS.

Additional Product Features Media Type. With Auto Color Detect engaged, some images within a batch are returned as JPEG-compressed color while others are returned as uncompressed bitonal.

Remove the jammed sheet or sheets up and through the feeder and inspect the steel trays for debris that might have caused the jam. To use this feature:. Posted on Oct 01, Be the first to answer.