Also I’ve used windows update downloader in an attempt to keep the OS and in particular the winsxs size down. It was all fine. Mon Mar 12, 6: Look under Sata, the driver’s name is: I think the new battery fixed some of the weird CMOS problems, but not all. Sat Mar 17, 5:

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Fri Mar 23, 4: I made no changes to make it do that. Sun Sep 13, 9: This drive ran things quite a bit faster when it was zhci AHCI mode. But the fans were on at least normal or higher RPM.

Ahci Configuration – Asus P5Q WS User Manual [Page 83]

Asus P5Q deluxe Tue Feb 03, 4: Please enter a reason for warning. I couldn’t repair it at first, cause the bootable utilities I had to so wouldn’t finish booting.


This problem keeps occuring. The other six red ones are for Intel raid Intel AHCI driver Make sure you plug your drives into the red ports, unless you want advanced raid features like mirroring. I may have been premature. Personally, I’d download the latest chipset drivers from the Intel site, then all you should need are the Audio if you’re using the onboard chip and LAN drivers.

Thu Mar 15, 5: Fernando Show info Posts:. Tue Mar 27, 2: That config was rock stable for months. Put it in, and so far, so good.

May 8, at 4: Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention, but just noticed again. Fernando Show info Posts:. Why don’t I have a menu option for just “shut down”? Also, why do you recommend that I update the drive’s firmware in another box?

ASUS P5Q-E Drivers?? | Overclockers UK Forums

Yet it could not update. Jun 2, Posts: I’m very confused about this loop.


Mon Mar 12, 2: New battery measured 3. You can install the other drivers once XP is installed. Any way I can force it to do the update?

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Do you already have an account? After having finished the driver installation the new driver will be active after the next rebootchose the offered “Reboot” option. Some updates require a restart. asud

If they work, stay with them, if not, roll back. I believed that because the drive would only intermittently appear during drive enumeration. Been doing some research, and there are several SATA controllers: The above resetting to BIOS defaults allowed them to boot.