We’ll have to get more specifics about what’s happening here. Last Jump to page: Intel Core i7 X 4. Steamroller – Family 15h 3rd-gen. If you do not wish to read few post above, i’m too lazy too to repeat it again..

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Most peep’s monitors will max out at 60hz, ie 30fps. It’d be really, really helpful.

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MM Duality eZ modded horizon microres bracket. Uh, yes we DO care about power usage. To circumvent pilecriver problems, it is legitimate to run benchmarks that are actually repeatable but at a lower resolution. You didn’t get the memo? Retrieved 7 January I have my thuban clocked to 3ghz nb, granted the bulldozer can clock it’s mem much higher, but what good is it when the nb isn’t fast enough to use it?

Maybe I am in the minority when saying that a many core processor is just fine but again, even if they can produce speed at the cost of cores or cores at the cost of speed I believe they will have wmd better market.


Maybe it’s just not quite 60fps at 60hz Still,more time u are in idle mode and all modern CPUs are good in this. Whether it is ‘instruction per clock’ IPC or pure clock frequency, both have to contribute to the end performance to justify the product.

Retrieved 6 January Have you seen the insane power usage figures for Bulldozers? It’ll scale to 10GHz just fine! Which is perfectly meet September as Vishera launch suggested by last news. Last Jump to page: I would mad that AMD starts using the unified socket for all of their desktop chips.

[AMD] This looks promising – skip Piledriverand bet on Steamroller –

I’ll have his face. I am really hopeful about the new bulldozer range and I really hope it proves to be the game changer but at the moment, im doubtful. I had no idea VRrzone sank so low now that they have to fabricate “news” in order to get traffic Retrieved from ” https: It targets desktop, mobile and server markets.

That eats a considerable w load. This would mean better performance in some common desktop integer apps which is nice. It still runs a lot cooler than the nuclear reactor that is bulldozer. Results 1 to 25 of I piledeiver peeps mention low speeds around 2.


Anyone have the slightest on what’s going on?

Also, the stock clock is raised to 4 GHz. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat I wonder if this is either a good or a bad thing, if Piledriver isn’t much of an improvement over Bulldozer, I think AMD should just focus on Steamroller and hopefully fix what Bulldozer should have been.

Piledriver (microarchitecture) – Wikipedia

Anyways Curious anybody compare fx to the new trinity’s? Are there any Integer benchmarks yet for Bulldozer on Win8? IMO that makes the BD 4 module work like a 4c 8t skup.

Further eye-inspection I am in no way a professional at this of the rumoured ‘piledriver’ die-shot seems to be different from Trinity’s found here.

Of course, this is not problem.