It’s not Klesmer, but it has a nice groove to it. What cabinets do reccoment for home use in a 25sqm room. Back to the forum index. Service Upgrade and Repairing. You can read more about them http: AER “b”-Series for Singular? As I told you , I was pretty satisfied with the drive sold by …

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Klasse ist, das jetzt auch Herr F.

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I could not find this speaker with a simple Google search. Goldy is the epilogue to upcoming BBX-based peakers. These qer qualities make this speaker ideal for lovers of jazz and classical music. Click here for more information.

Bythe original “local, critical, and theatrical” record, became “The Daily Morning Chronicle,” proposing “to aerr a bold, bright, fearless and truly independent newspaper, independent in all things, neutral in nothing. I can find no reference to format. Not your traditional Klezmer music, but very enjoyable! I would also be glad if you could kindly direct me to your representative in Belgium area, or is it possible to purchase the drivers directly from you?

Those downloads sound veeery niiice: Listener reactions Dear Sirs, I read some articles regarding the quality true full ranges. The Excenter is a new horn speaker which not only looks unique, but sounds unique. Thank you very much, I am very satisfied! Please re-direct it to the intended recipient. During the development of the Custom, the focus was on transparency.


My name is Onur I. Crazyhorse Mongoose is one of my favorites it seems to be in constant heavy rotation at my home.

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Welcome to USAudioMart, a classifieds site for used audio, hifi and stereo. The Axjet is a speaker system with digital room correction, which sets completely new standards when playing music. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

I’m quite happy with the sound when I’m listening to small ensembles and female singers but when it comes to Balkan brass the sound is not as detailed, clear and involving as I would expect it to be.

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Make the information on this image better by adding what you know. Of course we will also repair your AER driver, should it be necessary. No affiliation with the band, just ms1b fan of their work: Refoaming is the exchange of the beading that connects the membrane and the basket with one another.


Your browser is no longer supported. Old and nonstandard browsers can put your security at risk, are slow and don’t work with newer features. And it seems, AER final the worlds full range quality. The highly realistic music reproduction of this driver is the result of advanced technology and the highest precision in manufacture. Their sound is good though and better than ar AERmkI in some ways for use in the Singular but other things need to addressed first before I will suggest them as optimal driver for the Singular.

Thank you for sharing the plans. Playback is dynamic and detailed; instruments and voices are reproduced with remarkable finesse, plasticity and authenticity. Now I’m doing a little research and have two questions I need to install them into my speakers.

Glad you liked what you heard.