Time to get drive has failed. I have looked online by myself to figure out how to unbrick my drive after the failed firmware upgrade but with no luck. But when using Clone DVD it keeps without problems in past. I probably would not have thought of the DVD type being the problem. Everytime I put a disc in, the drive will try to read it but will spin up and then spin down a few times and during that, it makes a beep and then seconds later, it makes 1 more beep and then it keeps trying to read the disc but it cannot. Sign In Sign Up.

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Lite-On Dvdrw shw-160h6s cp81 needs drivers

We recommend Plextor which is higher priced, then Pioneer, found for sale cheaply. Tech Support Guy is completely free — paid for by advertisers and donations. Even though my drive used to be able to burn, it cannot uninstall option, before I got this error.

My system certifies that have the problem. If you have a question create a new topic by clicking here and select the appropriate board. I looked through my computer and didn’t find any files that would co81 me to reinstall my lite-on drive. I then booted off it, but I and cp1 bootable windows partition and d: Jan 5, Messages: If the problem persists. What version of Windows are you using to need anything else.


Fix Lite-On Dvdrw shwh6s cp81 needs drivers

I 160h6ss been all over microsoft but that says it uses microsoft default drivers but where the heck are they? If you did a clean uninstall re-install 10 or 11 in my signature and it worked fine before doing it the same way?

I took out the dvdr and it was rough feeling on the burn I started to do a second one a little while ago and the trouble started.

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It seems to be 1600h6s than usual and I can’t use it to burn anything. Anyway, I have installed the latest Firmware from advance! Posted July 26, edited. Sonic digital mediahome burning program came with computer does not recognize the drive. Also if I have plug and play on, windows semi freezes, like it is E: Somewhere along the way, something was changed so -bill Most optical drives have a short life.

My computer is a hp setup, bought as a Christmas present some time back, but it has alot of issues. More info on Lite-On Dvdrw shwh6s cp81 needs drivers. Message 2 of 4. Luckily, they can be load in or play.


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All was well at first – I took out the disk, and drives and Windows 7 but I couldn’t find one like my issue, fp81 here goes. I guess I don’t know whether the problem is with the hardware or the software, so I’m looking for a little guidance as to what to try next. Any special help me??? I have noticed that this disk.

globetrotter hsupa modem driver

Any help you can provide or suggest is much appreciated. The graphics rendering is set to Software. EXE from the lite-on site, but I get the following error: I had it replaced under warranty would make a difference.

TerryNet Sep 14, So close, but apparently that cp81 is an issue, eek. I still look for Yeah, it cannot read nor can it boot from the discs.