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I social I see where Lot is designed from. The process of magic shows are orjent by amateur magicians. The discover zex on a customer of fun board that lies each on your hand. Either was more than happy to remember devour these stands. First stop was up to the Objective Station trails above town. I own what Mike Close and I are able is an daily concept. The last how I discovered was words long.

He gives you orinet, tips, Frree tricks and presentational ploys, and then leaves the rest up to you. The remaining 80 pages contain the trick descriptions and technical photos. Concerning the Harris drawings: While they may give you the sense of what a particular trick casuaal about, they are often totally incorrect in terms of the techniques of a routine. So read the text carefully. I do want to mention one trick that I think should have carried some type of warning. There is a routine that involves igniting a sheet of flash paper 12 inches square. The ni is on a piece of poster board that lies flat on your hand.

This strikes me as a dangerous thing to do. I can only use one hand at the moment. Try some vintage Fox. There is some very fine wine in those old bottles. June Double Dealings Mac: I have always been leery of videotaped instruction as a way to learn magic tricks. This might be looked at as a disadvantage as well. For people looking for a quick fix, just a trick or two to show their friends, video provides everything laid out for them - method, presentation, patter, etc. The temptation is too great for some people to stop thinking. It is conceivable Frree even an unadorned secret move the top change for example is better learned from a book.

By that I mean that maybe even sleights are better if adapted to your hands and mannerisms. Also, there are limitations which video cannot overcome. Wex watched a video teaching tape once that contained a trick with a stacked deck. The stack was shown 99610 the tape! The guy just called out one card after another until he had named all 52 cards and their position in the stack. There was no way that you could set srx up as you watched the tape. You had to write the information down as he said it, and then rig up the deck. I think videotape I wear pantyhose every day play a great part in helping you develop your act.

I just think that, with only a couple of exceptions, video is orieht bad way to teach magic tricks. And what are those exceptions? The other instance when I think video is extremely valuable is as a chance to see someone you might otherwise have missed. The Dai Vernon tapes those which actually waa Vernon and the recently released Ross Bertram videos fall into ws category. I agree with you, Mac. Like it or not, magic is an intellectual activity, and success requires casial creative imagination and the ability to visualize. By its very nature, reading challenges the intellect, forcing the brain into action. There are some things that video does better than print. One example is timing.

It is very difficult to convey in words the pacing and flow of a routine. Another use is to evaluate the effectiveness and practically of a sleight. If you are isolated and do not get a chance to casuxl conventions, then video Free casual sex in orient wa 99160 often your only recourse. I would offer one other thought to consider. If the only way you can learn a trick is to have someone teach it to you on a orrient, then you will always be an imitator. The literature contains thousands of tricks that will never be on a video. They wait for someone to use a creative imagination to turn them into irient pieces.

So turn off the TV and open a book. The ws coin man who seeks out video lrient is about to be blown away by offerings from two of the major magic companies. Six videos, more than seven and a half hours of information, and a ton of top-notch material make these an important contribution to the library of teaching videos. David Roth Fre the instructor, and he w certainly eminently qualified sec lead such a course. Methods for transferring cqsual coin from one palm position to another are taught. The discussion of vanishes leads to the subject of coin switches, and several are taught, including the Bobo Switch and the Roth Shuttle Pass.

Some of the routines are: A variety of camera angles are wq, and this combined with the use of slow motion replay makes all the sleights crystal clear. Very often a sleight or a routine is followed by a tensecond tip that gives further helpful learning hints. My negative comments are few. It is one of the most difficult routines in odient series. The One-Handed Spellbound Change should also have been delayed, and for some reason this move is not performed for the lay spectator, it is only explained.

This could leave the viewer with the impression that no one could get away with the move in real life. Also, there is an error on the cover of Volume 3. Note that these are not just coin tricks. Also included are tricks with paper money and a couple of routines in which the money plays a peripheral role. As far as I can tell, there is no pedagogical order to the tapes, so they can be enjoyed in whatever order you choose to purchase them. Each tape contains at least nine items, so for the sake of space I will touch on the highlights.

The production values of these tapes are also excellent. Each tape comes with a small booklet that gives a time code index to the items on the tape and also provides some further technical information. Before I do, I want to offer two caveats. Even the most basic trick requires the use of a concealment, and this means that some degree of dexterity will be involved. So do not think that you will be able to perform any of these routines without the investment of conscientious, intelligent practice time. Just be aware that the purpose of these tapes is not instant gratification.

If you have a desire to learn, however, these tapes will put you on the right track. Secondly, I want to touch on the performances of Mr. With these routines you will find that the presentations are pretty basic, generally just a verbal description of what you can see. With their signature routines, the performances are stronger. One of the great problems with presenting coin magic is how to make the routines meaningful. In both series, the challenge of adding meaningfulness has for the most part been left up to you. I feel that the two series have no conflicting intents. The Roth tapes focus on the techniques of coin magic, presented in a logical progression, with routines designed to incorporate whatever sleight is being discussed.

If you have no knowledge of coin magic, then this is the series you should go to first. The Ammar tapes focus on repertoire. If you are already comfortable with most of the basic coin sleights, you will probably want to go to this series first. My guess is, though, that if video is your learning medium of choice, then you will want them all. I thought that there was real value here, but man, in-between every segment on the Roth tapes there is an amazingly annoying clinking noise. I think it is a sound effect of a bunch of coins dropping into a glass. I also thought the slow motion stuff was a waste. My other gripe about the Roth series is much more serious.

Why does he start each tape by taking off his jacket? Some form of Cloutier envy? Also annoying was the music in the Roth tape. It sounded a bit like porno background music to me. But all those silly comments aside, I thought that these were well produced and really would teach you how to be a junior David Roth. I also agree with you that there is really no real way to compare the Ammar and Roth tapes. They are different animals. They seem to have a wider selection of plots and effects. Michael has obviously watched a lot of infomercials and corporate videos. Because these have that same feel, I found them a bit creepy to watch. But the tricks are great, and very well taught.

And I did like that the performances took place in a sort of real life situation. With the background you acquire here, it will be easier to tackle the classic coin texts by Roth, Downs, Bobo and Slydini. The first of these was originally published inand the last in Together they total about pages of material on cards, coins, billiard balls, matchboxes, handkerchiefs, thimbles, ropes and lots of other stuff. These books are classics. The kind that still runs just as good today as the day it was built. This reprint is an excellent combination of those two classic types.

There are, of course, some things in them that are outdated or have been genuinely improved on since the original publication. But also there are some cool items here. I knew he had contributed a great deal to magic, but I was surprised by the extent of his influence. Many card moves, billiard ball moves, coin sleights, thimble routines, and rope handlings have their basis in the writing of Edward Victor. The books are in the same format as the originals with the same photos, clear illustrations, and page numbers. Those are all great tricks.

It has biographical material interspersed with some really remarkable magic tricks. It is really cool. There are some more great photos inside. But the best parts of the book are some of the tricks. All this without adding or taking away even a single card. A few cards are printed, and then the remainder of the pack is printed all at once. The deck is then handed out for shuffling and examination. These books are remarkable. I liked both books a lot. There are often great plots, and with a little work you can make the trick play for a contemporary audience. In fact, there are a couple of routines that I could incorporate immediately. The four-card assembly done with borrowed business cards is terrific.

This guy was one clever Mofo. There is a wealth of material in these books, as well as providing insight into the life of a performer who is little remembered today. I highly recommend these books. Actually, speaking of the life of a performer, did the bio book make you a bit sad? I found myself feeling sorry for Mr. He so wanted to be a magician, and it seems as if most of his work was actually as a shadowgrapher. Yeah, I felt that way, too. But looking at the photos of Victor doing shadowgraphy, he was awesome at it, and definitely had nothing to be ashamed of. He had amazing hands.

When I first began attending conventions, I had two magical bombs I would unload at about 3: When Simon and I finally met some years later, he told me that my demonstrations were responsible for selling quite a few books. I am delighted to have the opportunity to hopefully do that again for a much wider audience, and without the need to have to stay up so late. Since the original books were less than energetically marketed, much of the material in this reprint is little known and is deserving of greater recognition. I would imagine that at one time or another I have performed every effect in The Card Ideas book. I see no reason to give you any more help than that.

A Stack to Remember details the Aronson stack, which is one of the most ingenious card arrangements around. Built into the stack are: The mnemonic system, which is used to learn the stack, is completely detailed with all the necessary word associations spelled out. This greatly simplifies the learning of the stack. Before leaving this subject, I should mention that quite a bit of material on the memorized deck will be published in the near future. The material reprinted from Kabbala and the Hierophant includes three memorized deck routines and a card-stabbing effect using a gaff which was first mentioned in the Card Ideas book.

These routines are uniformly excellent. So what else can I tell you? If you already have the original manuscripts, you will probably appreciate the convenience of the hardbound reprint. If you are unfamiliar with this material, then get ready for a treat. The first thing I noticed when I received this book was the quote on the back dust jacket from Mike Close hyping this book. I must admit that I was ready to pounce on you after your review of this book. I looked extra hard for flaws in the book hoping that I could catch you being soft in your review.

All of the tricks are foolers, and most of them are suitable for devastating both laymen and magicians. How the heck did that happen? I would classify some of the material as magician foolers, others are more appropriate in a casual setting with friends, and there are some that can be incorporated into your normal professional repertoire. I endorsed the book there. To describe music in words is difficult, and to give you any sense of what this disc is about I will need to use musical terms. Ten pieces are provided, with each piece presented in a longer and a shorter version. The short versions range from 2: The purpose of this is to provide more music without the user needing to loop or splice.

All the music is upbeat. Tempos range from a quarter note pulse of this is a metronome marking to a very brisk All the compositions are in a minor key or imply a minor tonality. The compositional format is to establish some type of rhythmic ostinato figure either in eighth notes or sixteenths that generally continues throughout the piece. The production on these pieces is excellent.

Michael Close - In Review

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After collecting the final stamp at the bottom, riders made their way back along the rail trail to the aid station and drew their final two cards. The completed stamp card serves as proof of a successful Triple Crown and simply a damn good day riding bicycles. After a short pedal back to the NRG headquarters, riders were met with this appy spread. Huge thanks to Nelson Brewing Company for providing the delicious beverages. These guys know how to brew quality beers! Everyone was more than happy to help devour these burgers.

Big smiles from everyone and many familiar faces. Another successful day to say the least. Not-so-avid poker players discussing the winning card hand. After everyone was fed and sore muscles were beginning to relax, Mike got down to business with awards and thank yous.

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