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I tried to take his meeting sure. She would drinkstonr from them to the household tastes, but the world of them had found her into us as a way of good themselves apart as others of Aejys Distance's place. I lot to get some charts made for her stands and preferences. It found her and she could not get all it.

What if something happens? Just go get the pipe and tobacco. And something for yourself. Becca's hands on hips stance told him she would not be moved, Fuck local sluts in drinkstone he sighed heavily and left. He did not have the energy to argue with her at length. Although his body was whole, his mind and spirit were exhausted. The sot found the streets filled with people clearing away the snow, getting ready for business. Everybody stared at him, many whispering between themselves as his presence confirmed the latest spat of rumors.

He felt intensely uncomfortable at first, walking along in his Kwaklahmyn style coat with a heavy wool cloak throw over for extra warmth. Several people stopped in their work to grin at Josh, telling him how glad they were to see him back in town. They always asked about Aejys, but Josh simply told them that it was not his place to say anything. By the time he started back from the tobacconist shop, Josh was feeling unburdened, his step was light and a smile flickered frequently across his face. He carried Aejys' pipe and tobacco tucked inside his jacket alongside the bag of cinnamon candy he liked best.

Sucking on a piece of candy helped him not think about drinking as much. He had awakened that morning craving a drink, his muscles crawling around just beneath his skin along with an aching emptiness Fuco his belly for a fire that food could not quench. In slts of his best efforts, he could almost feel that hot rush through his veins and nerve-endings when the first drink would hit his system. Josh sucked viciously on the candy and walked faster. The harder he tried not dluts think about the whiskey, the more he thought about it. The burning spiral down into the bottle gripped him in its vortex as he struggled to shove the cravings aside, the need to hide himself from himself.

He had deliberately left his pocket flask in his room to place kocal out of reach. The people watching him no longer felt as friendly. Josh shied away from further greetings, certain that they extended them only because of his relationship to Aejys. He was the town drunk and would never be anything more to them. They were FFuck watching for him to fall back into the bottle ssluts. He began to notice the undercurrent to everything around ,ocal. Vorgensburg had held him in contempt for years, knowing what he was. It still lurked there beneath the polite facades they had given him drinkxtone day.

A sense of desolation rose up to tighten painfully around him. All the confidence he had begun to gain while locaal in Eden dating show company of Eliahu, High Mage of Winter, and the earthmage Drinjstone, vanished. They had treated him as an equal. But this was Vorgensburg. Drinksfone was home again and the only thing here was disdain and rejection. Although Aejys' household was kind to him, he sometimes found it there also, laced with pity. Josh wanted a drink. She was dying— Margren had stabbed her repeatedly in the stomach and chest before drinking her blood and leaving.

She remembered the blade: Her limbs felt very cold, she was afraid to look at them, to see them turning sluuts with undeath — she could almost feel her flesh rotting. Death she did not fear; but undeath, her soul and awareness trapped in rotting flesh, terrified her. She fought the terror, holding fast to her hope that Tagalong, her childhood companion, would Fudk and take her head and heart so that she would not rise. The sa'necari, a living necromancer with all the powers of the undead, stood naked before her. Even if they destroy your undead body, your shattered soul will walk the earth in torment for eternity. The lamplighter, leading a small donkey, passed him with his lantern.

The nearer Fuck local sluts in drinkstone got to the tavern the faster his pleasant mood faded drnkstone he began to worry that he had taken too much time talking to people he knew in passing. The minute he entered the tavern, Josh realized something had gone terribly wrong. Zacham sat upon the bottom stair; his face twisted and tear streaked. Josh's stomach did a queasy roll and his muscles seemed to crawl beneath his skin. The boy nodded in mute misery. Josh took the stairs two at a time, pausing in the parlor to fling open the doors to Aejys' liquor cabinet. His glance fell instantly on a bottle of Dragonsbreath, a dwarven whiskey famous for its raw strength and intensity more than its flavor: Drinkstons dwarves drank it straight.

He ripped the cork from the bottle as he spun on his heel and plunged into the bedroom, lical a long swallow. The Casual sex dating in sheldon sc 29941 whiskey he had ever tasted, drinkstine seared his throat and stomach. His stomach heaved in rebellion, but Josh kept it down, taking another long pull from the bottle as he saw what was happening. Aejys' body jerked in rapid spasming; writhing and twisting; her chest heaved and her eyes rolled up in her head. Omer and Raim, the two big drivers fought to hold her still as the healer, Taun, tried to administer the blue powder.

Josh shoved Taun aside. A stunning clarity gripped him as he remembered the one spell from his past life that could make a difference. The two drivers obeyed without thinking: Josh quickly straddled Aejys, his buttocks settling across her hips as he pushed her back down. Her frantic writhing intensified and for a moment it looked as if she would throw him off. His palms pressed her shoulders to the bed with the surprising strength that only came when he drank. Josh bent forward; his lips brushed Aejys' bruised lips gently. He drinlstone never have said it if he believed she would comprehend his words, Nsa relationship in warangal she appeared loocal be in no state to understand.

Josh ignored him, totally focusing on Aejys. Blue white light sprang up around the sot, spreading quickly to envelop Aejys Fcuk well. Taun released Josh with a locaal yelp, stumbling backwards to land on his bottom. As they watched Josh's body turned transparent, fading into a ghost-like pattern of undulating energy. Josh's body sank into hers, visible only as a visual distortion surrounding and surrounding her. Her breathing and heartbeat returned to normal. Josh's ghostly form rose out of the paladin's body, coalescing above her. Josh pushed himself away, falling and rolling onto the far side of the bed, weak and exhausted. Taun, visibly shaken by what he had seen and filled with uncertainty about what it meant, gripped Aejys' wrist, Reading her.

Her blood levels slutw higher than before the slutts began — in fact they were at safe levels for the first time since the healer had slhts her. Then he knew what had occurred: Josh was clearly not a lifemage and there was only a single spell that could driknstone some of their powers; only a single mage in ,ocal of history had been able to work it: Josiah Abelard, the mage that created it, the only mage so incredibly powerful he had been called the mage-master. You sputs your blood and life force into her body. He took another long pull from it. The Dragonsbreath was strong, but after those first few swallows, Josh had no trouble keeping the raw stuff down.

He liked Free no sign up senior video sex chat fire it set burning in his veins, if Aejys had more of the stuff he wanted to find it. He returned to the drinkstonne chair by the window seat. I ken do'em xrinkstone. How could you work that spell? His spell book was lost lofal without it no one could duplicate those spells. If'n I sluys you why you'd jess call me mad. His sobriety had only lasted two days before disaster forced him back to the bottle. Despair clamped down around his heart and soul like a demonic vise. Yet underneath that was a tiny core of relief, life felt better somehow with a haze of alcohol between him and it.

He could stop thinking now, stop feeling, stop fighting. He had had no drinkstons with hard-core drunks before or addicts of any other variety, so he really did not know what he was getting into. Wluts thought Josh was simply drinking to deal with his problems in a momentary lapse, that the landsmon would sober up and be back to normal soon — but Taun had not yet realized that sobriety was the anomaly for Josh, not inebriation. Josh wrapped his arms around the slutx, hunkering down to shield it from the healer's ij. No one Fukc tried to take his bottles away in years, not since Aejys extended slufs her protection drinkstnoe became his guardian, but he still remembered how often he had lost one before that.

How many years have you been drikstone like Fudk None uf yer bishnish. Taun shoved his free hand down the back of Josh's shirt, his fingers brushing close to the organs most frequently affected by prolonged alcoholism. Taun thought of all the people that he could have saved had he known or been able to cast the spell of Shared Life. He pulled his hand free, shoving Josh backwards. The chair overturned, spilling the two myn on the floor. Anger lent the small half-nerien strength and with a twist he managed to rip the bottle from Josh's hands, throwing it across the room.

The bottle struck the wall and shattered, splattering Aejys' bed with whiskey, filling the room with its sharp odor. Josh burst into tears. Molly had sent for Becca, after telling her about Aejys. Becca, returning from the north cellar where she had been taking inventory, encountered Josh on the second floor landing. She reached out to stop Josh, but he shoved past her, racing down the stairs in full, heedless flight. And asked Taun, "Aejys The sound of her voice snapped Becca's attention around. Her eyes widened in wonder and she crossed the room to reach one hand hesitatingly toward Aejys, half afraid that what she saw and heard could scarcely be true — Molly had fetched her, saying that they were losing Aejys, yet here she was sitting up.

All eyes turned to see the tall triton mage, Skree standing in the door to the bedroom. Tiny sea-green overlapping scales covered his face and body — except for his lips, the tips of his fingers and palms of his hands — reminiscent of a reptile, which he was not; his long hair green to the edge of black hung loose about his shoulders, draping the delicate lace-work of gills that ran from the back of his jaw down his long neck; suspicion was written large on his face, his half-past six foot body tensed as if ready to rescue Taun from some danger he had sensed. Neriens, like Taun, were a much smaller amphibious race than the tritons, and Skree was fiercely protective of his mate.

When I passed him in the common room, I saw you, fighting. Such incidents were infrequent for Skree was not a full-blown mind-speaker except among his own kind and the creatures of the sea; to catch something from a landsmon's thought was highly unusual for him. Taun shook his head. I tried to take his bottle away. Taun's face twisted up at the rebuke. He worked a miracle. You're alive because he worked a miracle Maybe not even one. This is not right. It is not fair. I will not allow him to keep drinking without trying to stop him.

If that gets me thrown out of your household, so be it. But I will not stop trying. Aejys nodded at a packet lying on the floor where it had fallen from Josh's pocket. Would someone help me with a smoke? Then maybe we can talk this over more calmly. Taun returned the smile with just a touch of uncertainty. He emerged from Skree's protective arms, scooped up the package, and carried it over to Aejys. He ran recklessly across the hard-packed ground, plunging into the barn. The sot lost his balance as he reached the rows of stalls, his body twisting sharply around with a little spin that crossed his ankles and pitched him face forward into the stout stall door. Josh lay stunned, hugging the bottle.

When he could pull himself together, he rose on hands and knees, crawling down the line to a big box stall at the end. It was one of the few still empty, most contained horses and mules belonging to Aejys' people currently in winter quarters. He threw himself down in the hay, wondering for a single drink-blurred instant where Aejys' big wynderjyn — a unicorn-horse hybrid — Gwyndar was, and then he remembered with a sob that Gwyndar was dead. He had been slain by the vargeis Margren sent to kill Aejys. Josh let out a long howl of grief: His drunken magic had let him talk to Gwyndar as Aejys could; he found comfort in the big animal's presence.

Josh huddled deeper into the straw. He would just get drunker and drunker, pretending that Gwyndar was standing there, that they were talking. Eventually the alcohol would overcome him and all the sadness and pain would go away. The stout dwarf was not usually awake in the early morning hours, but sleep had eluded her for all but the briefest handful of hours each night since losing Aejys. Grief etched deep lines in her broad, blunt-featured face. The tangled masses of her thick shoulder-length, crimson hair, uncombed for days, flared around her face like a matted aureole.

She wore the same blood-spattered tunic she had worn into battle at Dragonshead two weeks earlier in what proved a vain attempt to rescue her closest friend and partner, Aejystrys Rowan. The usually fastidious dwarf stank of sour sweat, dirt, and blood, which she had made no effort to remove. Aejys' death robbed her life of meaning: Only a bone-deep stubbornness kept her going when all she wanted was to curl up in a dark corner and howl with grief. Aejys had reminded Tagalong with her dying breath of the promise that Tagalong had made to take care of her people and her children, the twins Aejys' lover Tamlestari carried beneath her heart to be born in the spring.

Tagalong intended to keep that promise and woe betide anyone or anything that got in her way. She often bragged that she was "a hard-nosed obstinate bitch and proud of it. Sire, blood mother or ma'aram, and a wombmother or lasah. The embryo passed from the blood mother to the womb mother by way of the kyndi, a magical sexual energy. Centuries past, the golden banewitch queen of Waejontor had cursed the Sharani causing nearly all their male children to be miscarried or still born. They had appealed to Ishla Twice-Gendered, god of love and fertility for aid in removing the curse. But Ishla was not a remover of curses, instead she had altered their genetics, giving them a quasi third gender that could be assumed by any and all of their women, allowing one woman to bear the children for both of them which shared in the womb mother's genetic inheritance along with the blood mother and sire.

The curse had ended fifteen years ago, yet that had done only a little to lift the birth and survival rate of Sharani male infants. There was, of necessity, a still burgeoning trade in male love-slaves. Tagalong and Aejys had been friends since childhood. For over thirty years the young dwarf had built her life around their friendship. Only a very small number of dwarves lived in Shaurone, mostly in Rowanslea, and Tagalong had been the first of them to be allowed to study at the Aroanan temple university. Except for Aejys, none of the other students and nobles had wanted her there.

She had been snubbed and harassed until Aejys befriended her, forcing and later encouraging her acceptance as only the heir of one of the five mar'ajanates could. The lower classes fascinated Tagalong, who made frequent forays into the Poor Quarter and brought back tales of adventure to regale Aejys with. Eventually Aejys tailed Tagalong into the Quarter and nearly got seriously hurt by a kid gang, the Market Street Urchins, who marked her as being in the wrong part of town. Tagalong showed up and settled the score, after which Aejys was free to come and go as she wished in the neighborhood.

From that day on the friendship was sealed. But Tagalong had seen Aejys die at Dragonshead and, not knowing that Josh's love and magic had called her back from death, was deep sunk in grief. Tagalong's surviving troops, a scant handful of the two score from her and Aejys' household who had set off with them the previous summer, were settling into the rooms that Geoa Odaren's seneschal, Quilla, had given them in the east wing. The Assassins' Guild chieftain Hanadi and her Guildsmyn had parted with them in Rowanslea disappearing into the streets that first night after Aejys' death. Aejys had been deeply loved both by her own folk and her allies.

As Aejys' partner, Tagalong needed to reassure their people that she would take care of everyone, too often in such uncertain times the loss of a liege lord meant danger and dire circumstances for those who had followed her. She knew also that they should hold some kind of wake for Aejys to ease the pall of sorrow hanging over everyone's spirits; but Josh's disappearance with Aejys' body had come as a final blow, staggering Tagalong's usually indomitable spirit, for it made one part of her promise impossible: Aejys had died by a baneblade which meant that she would rise as undead, almost certainly a voracious revenant, endangering the very people they both wanted to protect.

Tagalong had promised to take Aejys' head and heart from her body so she would not rise, thus freeing her soul. She was not confident that Josh could or would do so and, with the arrival of the winter storm season, no messages could be sent to Vorgensburg to warn Becca who was far more tough and capable than the sot. She dreaded the possibility that she might have to hunt down and kill whatever monstrous undead creature Aejys became. What small comfort she did have came only from the knowledge Tamlestari Odaren Havenrain, wombdaughter of the Mar'ajan Geoa Odaren, carried Aejys' children. The fact that the children were Aejys' was a relatively close kept secret, although Aejys and Tamlestari made no secret of their love.

To keep the children safe from Aejys' enemies they had let it out that Tamlestari was already pregnant before they became lovers, that the sire and blood mother had been companions of Tamlestari's slain by orcs on their journey from Shaurone to Vorgensburg to petition Aejys to return from her self-imposed exile. Tagalong intended to see the secret kept until she could safely bring Tamlestari and the children to Vorgensburg. She had not been able to save Aejys, but she would protect the children with her life. As Tagalong passed the fourth door down, the sound of voices arrested her attention, for one of them sounded very much like the voice of someone she strongly disliked — someone who had been left behind in Vorgensburg.

She paused, pressing her ear to the door. Her sister murdered her. Greedy bastard sees an opportunity here? He sat in a chair, staring into a broad stone from which issued Cedarbird's voice. With Aejys dead and me here, that damned merchant can play holy hell with Becca if the kid keeps feeding him information. Those stones are damned rare. Tagalong caught his wrist, spun him around, and smashed him against the wall. She twisted his arm behind him, shoving him into the wall again with a sturdy foot to the small of his back. She spun, bringing her hammer down two handed with all the force in her tremendously muscled compact body. Although she had joined the company as a favor to Hanadi, she was not a Guildsmon and had elected to stay after the others left.

Told Cedarbird Aejys' dead. That puts the asshole merchant inna good position ta play holy hell with Becca and our people in Vorgensburg. That would suit Tagalong just fine. Take a bath first. She knows how Aejys died and is starting to wonder if some of that blood could be from touching her. Some of the blood probably was Aejys'; the paladin's body had been a bloody ruin when Tagalong held her. It was late afternoon and she knew he had been looking since the moment he finished talking with Aejys the day before. Taun's squarish, blunt featured face looked tired and depressed.

He shook his head dispiritedly. He had his Kwaklahmyn father's broad cheekbones and coloring, deep brown skin and long glossy black hair tied back with a simple leather thong, and his mother's sea-green nerien eyes. The thin lines in the sides of his throat looked more like scars to the casual glance, than what they actually were — the pouchy coverings of his gills. He worked hard to distance himself from his mixed species heritage so that he would be accepted simply as a healer first. Taun was not ashamed of it: Aejys harbored no racial or species prejudices, often going out of her way to hire the 'breeds' as most folk referred to them.

The ha'taren — paladin of Aroana — hired only tolerant people, so her household with all its rogues, outcasts, and pariahs ran smoother than any other in Vorgensburg: So Becca, learning of Taun's situation and nature shortly after Aejys left last summer for Shaurone to fetch her daughter home, brought him into the household and put him on retainer. Becca sighed heavily in a mix of frustration and irritation at Josh's being back to his old habits of running away and hiding when things got awkward for him. But he isn't here. He was her right hand man and Becca depended on him heavily, but with the passes snowed in he could not start home until spring with the rest of Aejys' household.

But there may not be anything you can do about this. I'll tell you — Shit! Thomas Cedarbird, his black hair meticulously braided and adorned with two eagle feathers, entered the Cock and Boar accompanied by three of the other syndics of Vorgensburg. The merchant carried himself with a haughty air, the youngest son of a Kwaklahmyn chieftain and only child of his third wife, the daughter of the wealthiest merchant in Vorgensburg, Cedarbird had inherited both wealth and influence. Until Aejys captured the archenwyrm's treasure by killing the monster and set up for herself, Cedarbird had — to all intents and purposes — ruled Vorgensburg.

The Lion of Rowanslea had indirectly challenged him by her mere presence and reputation even before she gained a fortune that far outstripped his own. She had refused to put herself in his debt for even so much as the smallest political favors he offered her, rarely siding with him in anything. What made it worse was that for a time he was quite infatuated with her. He had now relegated her to the ranks of his rivals and enemies, and those whom he could not influence or dominate he destroyed. Becca turned to Taun. I'll see what's going on. One of these days I'm going to shove your slimy face in. Her bouncers were a cohort of pixies, tough little knee-high soldiers in cloaks of invisibility.

Their captain, Grymlyken, was in Shaurone; however, his lieutenant, Fezelbaum was just as capable of rallying the troops to eject the unwanted and troublesome as he was. Cedarbird tried unsuccessfully to stare the woman down, but Becca would not be moved. Finally he said simply, "Aejystrys Rowan. As the healer moved to her side, she whispered, "Get hold of Skree quick if we need him. Cedarbird frowned at the mon, but said nothing until they were sitting in the formal meeting room at the top. He sat down at the head of the horseshoe table and that rankled Becca, for that was Aejys' chair.

Marya Maryasdottir, the stout master of the weaver's guild, gave her a cold stone-faced look; the syndic for the gem merchants collective had a nervous tic jumping frantically in his cheek and refused to meet her eyes; the big longshoreman's representative gave her a polite, shame-faced shrug. Cedarbird' face remained darkly serious. I don't want her disturbed. You're concealing the fact that she's dead. If she's dead without heirs, then her property belongs to the city. We will not allow you to put this off.

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He was not getting into a shouting match with a common whore who had been raised above her station. If she wants to be seen," Becca snarled, "But you leave when Taun tells you or I put this in your ugly face. She had always wanted to take a serious poke at the haughty merchant. Cedarbird winced, wondering how Aejys could ever have hired the former prostitute, much less raised her to such a high level as seneschal and tavern master when she clearly had neither manners nor sense in dealing with her superiors. He had complained before about Becca, but Aejys always brushed him off with a smile and shrug.

If Aejys was dead, then Cedarbird intended to smash the infuriating whore back down into the gutter where she belonged — hard — along with the rest of the riff-raff Aejys had collected. There would be nothing left when that detestable Tagalong Smith returned in the spring. He sent a silent plea through his mind-link with Skree, calling the triton to his aid. The nerien was better at sending, than receiving, except when he was touching the person, so he did not know if Skree heard him or not. Aejys levered herself Fuck local sluts in drinkstone on her elbows and Molly put aside her embroidery to shove pillows behind her. Aejys suppressed a groan at the pain in her back and stomach.

Her back had been cut to ribbons of dangling flesh by the lash and stomach torn open by a blade. The slain lifemages had mended enough of the stomach wounds to save her life, but healing came slow. Even the smallest movement or pressure against her back hurt. Says you're dead and wants the properties. Any idea where he got this notion? There must have been How much does a dating coach make exchange of harsh words as Cedarbird's tame guildmasters and syndics looked uncomfortable. She gave Taun a quick glance of approval, and then signed the others to follow. She led the way into Aejys' bedroom with Taun and Skree close beside her and Cedarbird at her heels, the others in tow.

Molly looked up from her embroidery, throwing a defiant glare in response to the disapproving gaze of the outsiders at seeing yet another female in pants. Becca dismissed Molly with a wave. Then she saw Josh sitting in the chair by the bed. He had not been there when she came in a few minutes ago. She was uncertain whether his presence was a good thing or a bad thing, but Taun seemed cheered to see him. Aejys reclined against the pillows piled behind her. Josh sat beside her, striking a lucifer to light the pipe she gripped between her teeth.

She shifted the pipe to the side of her mouth to talk around it. I would rise to greet you, but as you can see I had a difficult time in Rowanslea. How did you get here? Bri — I was told you were dead. He had tried to entice her into Vorgeni politics as his ally as well as various others ways to put her in his debt, but Aejys had always refused to be drawn into his plots, plans, and schemes, political or otherwise. Tagalong had never trusted him, predicting that he would become serious trouble when he saw she could not be bought. Tagalong had just been proven right.

Cedarbird seemed to squirm for a moment, and then pulled himself together. He is not in my employ and never has been. I don't know what you are talking about. He filled two pack animals with samples he bought. But that's not the issue here. You threatened to take everything if I died or was already dead without heirs. I'm solving that here and now. Until such time as I produce heirs of my body, I'm declaring Becca my heir. I'm formally adopting her. Everyone in the room stared at Aejys. The declaration was too much for Cedarbird who exploded.

Half the city's been between her legs. You have done insane things before, Aejystrys Rowan, especially since you gained your fortune. But this will not hold up. No one in Vorgensburg will ever accept this filthy gutter slut as your legitimate heir! She started toward Cedarbird, but Taun grabbed her, holding on tightly as he pressed his mouth to her ear, murmuring, "No. Let Aejys handle this. Mouth," Skree told him. There are many ways to see that one's will is enforced after death. I learned that at my mother's court. Furthermore, my allies in other realms would take more than a passing interest in seeing my will carried out.

Shaurone could use a seaport. I have more resources than you can even dream of. The threats you made to Becca have made me very unhappy with you. Cedarbird backed away, shaking his head as if the former sailor had just sprouted a second set of arms. Aejys started to laugh at the expression on Cedarbird's face, but choked it off at the pain in her chest and back; Josh had pulled her out of danger, but she was still far from healed. Just then she simply wanted to give Cedarbird a taste of her power; with Tagalong and Clemmerick in Rowanslea, as well as part of her household guard, it was imperative to make Cedarbird understand that she was still a power to be reckoned with.

If you don't, I'll break you like so much kindling. A wave of his hand sent the flame coruscating over the syndic. Cedarbird screamed, more from fright than discomfort, as the flames did not burn him, then he vanished. The other syndics gasped in alarm. Josh shook his head, his words slurring a bit, "Put'em in tha snow out front. He could crush the rest of us easily. I never liked court politics, though I've played it with the best. Talk to your people. Any who would swear fealty to me before their god and mine, will be under my protection.

Normally, I respect neutrality, but if Cedarbird turns this into a war, military or trade, I will crush him and all who traffic with him. I have a lot less patience now than I did last summer. Taun gently pushed past Josh to take Aejys' wrist in his hands, Reading her deeply. He laid her wrist down with a heavy sigh, turning to pour four fingers of holadil in a glass, twice what he normally recommended. He lifted it to her lips, helping her to drink. I don't want to lose you. Once in the tub, heat eased her body and soothed her spirits, pulling her from brooding. For a little while she was able to block the memories of seeing Aejys die.

Aejys' battered body — it haunted her dreams and her waking moments. She had still been alive when Tagalong reached her, lifting the cloak they had wrapped her in before anyone could stop her. The enormity of the wounds and bruises Margren had inflicted on Aejys, knowing what terrible pain she died in as Tagalong watched — it was almost more than the stalwart dwarf could handle. If she could find some way to pay Margren and Mephistis back in kind, then she would. Once she got Tamlestari to Vorgensburg, it would be time to look for some serious payback. A hand extended over the tub and poured a fragrant oil into the water: As the scent filled the room, Tagalong sighed.

It's one of my favorites. I don't want to be left here. Soon as the passes open. Take a different route though. Back through Vallimrah, then drop down ta th' trade routes and over. Ya better have a midwife along. I don't know nuthin' about birthin' babies. Yer makin' plans behind my back? I had to be certain I had an alternate way of getting there if you said no. Not this shit-assed realm. I need to hear it from you. She started slowly, telling how they had ridden hard for Dragonshead after Mephistis took Aejys. The fight had been hard once they got into the citadel. Then they broke into a chamber of hecatomb where a hundred deaths could be taken in a single rite.

They found Kaethreyn, Josh, Clemmerick, Eliahu, and Sonden already there along with a small guard of ha'taren and bradae. A single death pole stood at the top. They were kneeling around something and the instant Tagalong saw that she knew it had to be Aejys. She did not know who had cut her down from the pole and did not ask; just as she did not ask who had bound her on it and stuck the blade in, that much, at least, she knew in her heart was done by Margren. She described the rest in far less detail, wanting to spare Tamlestari at least that much: Aejys' dying breath had been given to remind Tagalong of her promise to protect her people and Tamlestari.

Sonden said she was not quite dead yet, but Tagalong knew different: She was crying when she finished. Tagalong climbed out of the tub and wrapped her wet arms around the half-Sharani, Valdren prince, holding her, their faces pressed together as they wept. I swear ta GimliGloikynen. An' yer comin' home with me. She had Becca declared her heir should she die without issue. They sat together in Aejys' room with a small pot of tea on the little table. Aejys had settled against the pillows on the bed, her legs drawn up and crossed, giving her more purchase and easing some of the feelings of helplessness she was prone to when she laid flat.

Cedarbird brought that home — the hard way. Can't bring yourself to call me 'Mother'? But that would be incest. There's something you should know. It doesn't leave this room. The reader said twins, a boy and a girl. It took her a moment to recover, and then she quipped, "What? You mean I'm not stuck in this situation? Thank the Nine Gods! I don't want assassins going after them. If they must go after anyone, I'd prefer it was me. She let go of the breath she did not even realize she had been holding and it passed.

Becca caught the small fleeting change that swept across Aejys' face and was gone. She had been catching small nuances in Aejys' face, manner, and tone of voice for days now: She wished desperately that she could fix it, but had no idea how or even if it could be fixed. Light glowed from the adjacent parlor and she could see Molly through the open door working on her ever-present embroidery. They did not need to sit with her, Taun had said as much. Josh had pulled her out of immediate danger. However she could not reach or pull on the bell rope with her splinted hands if she needed something so there was always someone in the parlor or sitting next to her bed.

Her mind ran round and round with desperate, troubled thoughts like a small, frightened creature lost in a maze. What did I do to deserve this? What did I not do that could have prevented it? Was there anything I could have done? My daughter, my halaefs, and many old friends are dead and somehow it's my fault. I should have found a way around that vow — I should simply have violated it and taken the consequences. Better me than them. I've been wounded, beaten and killed What purpose is served in that? I can't even find the strength to pray. But prayers would probably go unanswered anyway. Aroana does not hear those whose souls are tainted with the promise of undeath, whether or not it was taken willingly.

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