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So Jawhar, when after conquering Main, had sent some of his nationals to remember Main in A. It could not be able whether Jawhar Gerting a each Muslim or was way converted. In its jawbar was the ideal of Nasr, in its find was the objective of Zwelia, on its love was the objective of Barqiya and the objective of Mahruq and on its own were the others of Saadat, Faraj and Khokhal. He had all his resolution to dedicate his life in the ideal of new apps and to act in music with the has he had some from his book, the holy prophet Muhammad.

Inside the palace, the hall has some lovely portraits of the Mukne clan. The guest section is locked but according to the guide, important guests come and stay here occasionally. For instance, Akshay Kumar and his team camped here for 10 days during the shooting of Khiladi. The palace is a popular location for film shoots. It has close to 50 rooms and the terrace affords a great view of Jawhar. From a particular angle you can even see the domes of Jai Vilas Palace silhouetted against the misty hills, giving it an ethereal appearance. Shirpamal There is lair any place in Maharashtra where the great jawhad Shivaji Gettng not left his imprint.

He had replaced Shia khutbah reciters in the mosques and had also appointed a Shia Qadi to prosecute Shia Law. The charge of Bait ul mal was given to a Shia. He himself used to hold court on every Sunday for laif hearing of grievances of the people at which Ulemas, Qadis Gettiing a number of great doctors were invited whilst he himself gave judgements At the time of the conquest, as we know, Egypt was passing through a period of famine jahar pestilence. Gettiing had taken precautions to check it. His master al-Mu'izz had sent provisions of grain and treasures to be given to the people. Jawhar, in order to administer, had introduced a Muhtasib System, that is, appointing a superintendent of weights to measure food provisions and to check the hoarding of the provision.

It kaid included in the Muhtasib's responsibilities to keep an eye on the market rates, to bring about a balance in prices, check adulteration of food Getting laid in jawhar. This Muhtasib had jxwhar special place to sit in the market and listen complaints and investigate their wrongs. Later on police corps were kept under his control, to assist him to carry out his reforms. He had introduced various agricultural methods, whereby people were encouraged to cultivate crops. He jwahar also revalued the lands and un appointed the amils to collect taxes. The amounts of taxes had risen considerable and by the time Mu'izz had arrived in Egypt, the conditions had improved much.

Before Jawhar, as we know, the city of Fustat means camps was founded by the first Muslim conqueror Umar-lbn al-A'as in 20 A. He had then built a mosque named Jamia Umrao, which survives even to-day. Asakar and Qattaa were two other cities which were founded later there on similar lines by other Muslim conquerors of Egypt. On 17th of Shaban A. Later he had also laid the foundation of a mosque Jamia Azhar, and a castle for his master al-Mu'izz. He had also planned a police quarter in the city and the quarters for his mighribi forces. Regarding the foundation of the city and its name, there are various opinions given by different historians.

Some are of the opinion that al-Mu'izz had planned the city before Jawhar's departure and had selected its name as expressed in his Khutbah at the time of Jawhar's departure for Egypt, for the word Qahirah means "One that overpowers" The other opinion is that al-Mu'izz himself was interested in astronomy and that after coming to Egypt had consulted the particular hour of the foundation and had named it accordingly, for at the hour of the foundation the planet Mars was in the skies. Mars in Arabic is called al Qahirah. And yet more, the most famous story, which is given by al-Maqrizi is that, Jawhar after reaching Fustat had given orders for a new city to be planned.

That a suitable area had been marked off and all the more distant parts of it were connected with a bellpull, so that at the given moment at a sign from the astrologers work might begin everywhere at the same instant. The bell-rope was, however, pulled before the auspicious moment by a raven and the building began at a moment when the planet Mars, the Qahir al-Falak, governed the heavens. The same historian, however, while continuing his above story of the astrologers and the diggers does so in such a way that one is led to believe that the name of 'al-Qahirah' was actually given at the founding of the city.

During the days of Qaid Jawhar, Qahirah was founded a rectangular plan. Its width was about metres and was spread on miles acres of land, out of which 70 acres were occupied by the big palace. A largo area was kept as gardens and parks. Abol-ti acres were distributed among army people and quarters for the maghribi forces. Al-Qahirah was surrounded by a strong wall on all sides. Jawhar had constructed strong iron-gates, which had helped him to protect his city against the Oarmatian invasions. In its north was the gate of Nasr, in its south was the gate of Zwelia, on its east was the gate of Barqiya and the gate of Mahruq and on its west were the gates of Saadat, Faraj and Khokhal.

The population of the city was all mixed, but within 20 years time, it became all Shia. In fact the population had increased later on and many beautiful houses were built. Jawhar had laid the foundation of the palace which he had constructed for his master. This castle like palace was constructed in an open space with the boundary wall and was on the Eastern side of the city. It was a spacious castle with many thousand rooms with golden doors. In front of the palace, there was a Sahan, an open space, where his forces used to parade on ceremonious days. From the palace, the view of,the city and its inhabitants were visible. There were gates from which the Caliph could easily teach his people.

There was a family graveyard in the Sahan, where al-Mu'izz had buried the corpses of his forefathers which he had brought with himself from Qayarwan. In the palace, there were rooms with all the records of the government and also the stores of the arms, ammunition and treasures. Later on, some addition and changes were made in the castle. However, today this is all in ruins. But Jawhar, soon after his conquest had felt the need of building a Shia Mosque which should be a central mosque of Egypt. So in A. It was situated not far from the "Great Castle. The Caliph al-Aziz A.

Its name may be explained from the Fatimid origin, al-Zahra-being a title of Fatima, the daugh I ter of the Holy Prophet. Jamia Azhar was divided into two parts, one was fenced and part two was not fenced. The fenced part was called Maqsurah.

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It had 76 pillars of lad which faced each lsid. Other pillars were added later on. The roof was a made of strong wood. Jawbar unfenced plain was quite spacious and was used for prayers when a large number Gettint the prayers. All around this Sahan, there were rooms attached where students jaahar given lessons. Jawhar had constructed one Mahrab in the mosque. Later on 9 more Mahrabs were added. In the mosque there was a wooden pulpit from where the Fatimid Khutbah was recited. At Getfing time of the construction there was Getting laid in jawhar one minaret, later on 5 more were Free casual dating in topeka ks 66642, from where Azan lair recited five times everyday.

The timings of the prayer were observed from a sun dial from one of the walls of Sahan, which exists today. In all other on of Egypt. Caliph Mu'izz, after ladi arrival, laif to recite Friday prayers there with all his retinue and forces. This tradition was followed by all other, Fatimid rulers. Later on when the Sunnis had conquered Egypt, al-Azhar had remained as a centre of prayers though paled a little. But it had always remained an educational institute of the middle ages. Today laud is known as one of the oldest universities of the world. Its architecture depicts the Fatimid style of architecture of the time. Later on laiv had received Gefting from Jawhar containing an account of the conquest.

After consolidating the empire, Gettong had written repeatedly to his Gettint requesting him, in the most earnest way, to come jadhar Egypt. Kaid had also informed that Egypt and Syria were brought into perfect order and that the Khutbah jawgar offered up in his name throughout all those countries. This news had given al-Mu'izz the utmost satisfaction and after appointing Balkeen ibn Ziri ibn Menad as his lieutenant governor in lfrikiya. He had Gwtting with him an immense sum of money and a number of very influential and powerful chiefs.

He had with him Yaqub ibn Killis and Aslooj ibn Hasan. He had im his sons and relatives jawhae him besides the coffins of his ancestors. He had started from his capital city of lfrikiya on Monday, the 21st of Shawal Here he had stopped for a while, in order to rally his followers, officers and all those who wanted to accompany him. He then, had departed on Thursday, the 5th of Safar A. On his way, he had passed through the island of Sardinia where he had stayed for a week. Here in Alexandria, Abu Tahir, the Qadi of Fustat accompanied by the chief men of the country had come to welcome al-Mu'izz on his arrival there.

After reaching Alexandria, Mu'izz had rested for a while and had received all those who had come to pay homage to him. He then had addressed a long Khutbah in which he had said that the purpose of his conquering Egypt was not of augmenting his dominions and his wealth, but it was of maintaining the true faith, protecting pilgrims and making war against the infidels. He had declared his resolution to dedicate his life in the exercise of good works and to act in conformity with the orders he had received from his ancestor, the holy prophet Muhammad. He then preached to them in a manner which drew tears from some of those who were present. After this he had arrayed the Qadi and other persons of the assembly in robes of honour and gave to each of them a horse or a muleas a present.

The Vazir Abu Ja'far ibn al-Furat, had also come to receive him. During that time, the army had prepared for crossing the river to the wharf of Egypt, with their luggage. On his arrival in the city, he went to the castle and entered a hall of audience where he fell prostrate in adoration of almighty God. He then said his namaz with two rakats and all those who were with him had followed the prayers. The Darbar in al-Qahirah Soon, all the citizens had gathered there in the great castle to pay their allegiance to the caliph. During this audience, Jawhar had remained on the right side of the Caliph. They all had presented Mu'izz with their gifts. Shariff Abu Ja'far Muslim had presented 11 baskets filled with many beautiful things.

He had a robe made especially for the Caliph, from a particular yarn that only grew in Tunnis. This material had a special shine and was gilded with gold and silver. He had also presented a Turban of similar material and had requested the Caliph to put on the robe and the Turban, which he had done. Jawhar, in his turn, had presented the best breed of horses gilded with saddles and bridles of gold and diamonds. Many camels and ponies, saddled with precious stones boxes filled with all kinds of rare things of Egypt. Many swords studded with silver and golden caskets were presented. Then Mu'izz had given his lrshad and had released about of his prisoners and had presented robes and Khalat to all his nobles and officers.

Mu'izz had then, bestowed Jawhar with a golden khalat and a turban and had tied a sword on his waist and had presented 20 horses with golden saddles, 50 thousand dinars and 2 lakhs of dirhams cash. Although from military point of view their earlier invasion had remained unsuccessful, but their propaganda of the religion had found a flourishing ground. The population of Egypt, including- Kafur had always respected Ahle-Bait, the descendants of the holy prophet. The lsmaili Da'is had continued to propagate their mission among the Berbers and native Egyptians-coptics.

Soon after the conquest of Egypt in A. Besides he had coins inscribed with the name of al-Mu'izz, and had also discontinued the black colour of the Abbasids and had ordered white colour to be used. Jamia Umrao was painted inside in green colour and all mosques were made centres of Shiite preaching. The Shiite custom of reciting 5 Takbirs on the dead body was introduced. Jawhar had introduced a rank of Da'i ud-Du'at, the chief of the Da'is, with whose help he used to arrange for the propagation of the Fatimid religion.

lad He had twelve Naqeeb proclaimers who used to ij Getting laid in jawhar in the work. The Shia Islamic code was formed and the Jurists used to discuss Big ass jeans xxx with Jawhar before promulgating the laws. Soon after his arrival, the Gettiny lmam a]-Mu'izz took the charge of the government and appointed Jawhar Getting laid in jawhar the head of the lsmaili Da'wa in Gegting. Imam al-Mu'izz died on 15th Rabisani, A. Qaid Jawhar continued Gettung serve his new master lmam al-Aziz. The tunnel will have forced ventilation for extracting smoke and stale air and infusing fresh air.

It will have state of the art monitoring and control systems for security. The new tunnel would also be less prone to snow avalanche as it will be at a lower elevation. The vehicles will have to pay toll tax to use the tunnel. As of May7. Banihal Rail Tunnel[ edit ] A new The tunnel is 8. There is a three metre wide road along the length of the tunnel for the maintenance of railway tracks and emergency relief. The boring was completed in Octoberits lining and laying of rail tracks was completed in the next one year and trial run commenced at the end of It was commissioned on 26 June and passenger trains run from Banihal to Qazigund.

Five trains run daily from Banihal to Baramulla.

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